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Upland Heights Elementary School

Making Math Magical at Upland Heights Elementary

Upland Heights Elementary fifth grade math teachers, Ms. Carter and Ms. Reeves, took their students to a world full of wands, potions and decimals when they turned a simple math lesson into a magical experience.
Students were taken to the famous world of Harry Potter when they received a Hogwarts acceptance letter along with a list of supplies needing to be purchased. Some of the required items were school robes, wands and potion books. They shopped from store price lists and even got to choose their own wand from the only place to buy wands, Ollivander's. Every student started with a certain amount of money in their Gringott's Vault, the wizarding world bank, and had to keep track of money spent to stay within their budget.
Ms. Carter and Ms. Reeves greeted the students at the door in head-to-toe Harry Potter gear. "Wendy and I are both huge Harry Potter fans, so we had so much fun planning it," said Ms. Carter. "We think we might have had just as much fun planning it as the kids did doing it!"
The students were excited and engaged in the entire lesson. "When we heard the mathematical conversations going on, we knew we had a winner," said Ms. Carter.
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