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Upland Heights Elementary School

Parent Resources

Please see the documents to the right for valuable information on "drop off" and "dismissal" procedures.
You are invited to eat lunch with your child. We have a designated area and/or tables for you to sit with your child at lunch. This area will give you plenty of room to eat with your child instead of being crowded between students at the classroom tables. It will also give the students in the classroom plenty of space to eat and follow our rules of "three to a bench." This special area is just for parents and grandparents because we love that you want to spend time with your child at school. When going to this table, you will only be allowed to eat with your child.  


If you are in need of after school care for your child, please see the list below. You will need to call the individual daycare to see if they pick up at Upland, and to make arrangements for your child.

On-Site Daycare

Discovery Depot will provide services "on site" in the cafeteria at Upland Heights. The number to call is: 866-4859

Off-Site Daycare

Following is a list of daycares that are interested in providing transportation to their "off site" after school care.  If you are interested, please give them a call.

TEGA - 866-9765

Learning Tree - 771-2323

Kids R Cool - 687-2665

Tree House Academy - 745-3377 (picked up by Kids R Cool)

Doodlebug - 797-8860

Rock Solid - 795-7625

Little Angel's Feet - 866-0317