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Upland Heights Elementary School

Slime, Slime and More Slime at Upland Heights Elementary

Last week, Upland Heights Elementary hosted a Tailgate night for their students and families full of fun, food, games, and slime. The event put on by the school's PTA encouraged families to come out and meet one another and help raise money for initiatives on their campus. 
UH TailgateKona Ice, Raider Red and bounce houses were all present for the fun. Students were also able to pay money to do something wild and crazy to the principals of their school. Just $1 let the students pour slime on the principal of their choice. They made sure that the slime also had glitter and feathers in it as well. 
Dressed in plastic, hair wraps and goggles, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Nelson sat in a kiddie pool and took the slime like the true champions that they are. 
After every student went through the line, both principals were covered in head to toe with blue, glittery slime. 
UH Tailgate
The event was a great time for everyone involved and helped raise funds for the Upland Heights PTA. 
Denise Stewart, principal, said "The event has grown in size and our families love it! Each year varies with what happens to the principals."
Year one principals became human sundae with all the toppings. Year two they had to do a cheer and dance with the FHS cheerleaders. Year three they were covered in Karo syrup and confetti, and year four was the blue slime.
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