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Upland Heights Elementary School

Upland Heights Elementary Hosts Career Day

Career Day at Upland Heights Elementary is one of the most anticipated events of the year that every student participates in. Presenters from all diffident occupations come in and give 50-minute presentations to groups of students.  

Students in each grade level choose one presentation to attend during their time slot. The presentations take place all over the campus to accommodate over 15 different presenters and provide space for the various hands-on activities they brought with them.  

One of Upland Heights’ improvement goals is to educate the students on college and career readiness.  Career Day allows students to see and hear from a variety of community and business members where they share their professional experience, career information, and college experience. The goal is to develop academically equipped, effective communicators, responsible citizens, and passionate learners at Upland Heights and this experience pushes student to become that.  

“It was a great day” said Denise Stewart, principal at Upland Heights. “Alot of the presenters gave compliments about the questions they were asked by students and the participation from students.” 

Presenters included: 

A Veteran Navy Officer 

NR Animals 

Peoples Bank 


Lee Lewis Construction 

Masey Doss Home 

Dr. Garrett 

Meadow Co-Op Gin 

United Supermarket Floral 

Sky Gardens Flower Farm 

Ryan Doss Chiropractor 

Premier Martial Arts 

TTU Molecular Pathology 

Cotton Farmer- Rex Kennedy 

Architect- Mr. Flusche 

Secret Service Agent 

LPD Officer Johnson 

Wild Lark Books 

Carpet Tech AND Raider RED!