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Upland Heights Elementary School

Frenship ISD and Lubbock-Cooper ISD Host Invitational UIL Meet

For the last two years, Frenship ISD has teamed up with Lubbock-Cooper ISD to host an invitational UIL academic competition to help prepare elementary and middle school students for district competitions. Frenship has hosted the elementary contest, while Lubbock-Cooper hosted the middle schoolers for a two-year cycle and next year they will swap.  

Frenship had over 500 elementary and 175 middle school students participating in the meet, with representation from Frenship all elementary and middle school campuses. Lubbock-Cooper had equal representation, making the total over 1,000 competitors for elementary and around 350 for middle school.  

UIL offers 20 different categories of academic contests for elementary and middle school students. These categories include spelling, music memory, art, storytelling and more. Frenship students performed well across the board, claiming top placings in several categories such as oral reading, ready writing, and chess puzzle.  

Thanks to all the teachers that made this competition possible, and congratulations to all the student competitors!