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Upland Heights Elementary School

Frenship ISD Hosts 2024 Staff Appreciation Banquet


Districtwide Teacher and Rookie of the Year Awards

  • Frenship ISD Rookie Teacher of the Year - Bridget Mann, Ninth Grade Center
  • Frenship ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year - Sarah Baker, Bennett Elementary
  • Frenship ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year - Sarah Denning, Alcove Trails Middle School

Campus Support Professionals of the Year

  • Alex Colmenero – Casey Administration Building HR Administrative Assistant and Program
  • Amy Scifres – Bennett Elementary Workroom Aide
  • Mandy Wheeler – Crestview Elementary Counselor
  • Adella Davis – Legacy Elementary special Education Inclusion Assistant
  • Randal Foster – North Ridge Elementary Special Education Assistant
  • Jaclyn Adams – Oak Ridge Elementary
  • Jamie Huizenga – Upland Heights Elementary Attendance Clerk
  • Faith Guenther – Westwind Elementary Kindergarten Assistant
  • Traci Shirley – Willow Bend Elementary Title One Intervention Assistant
  • Tammy Brown – Alcove Trails Middle School Principal’s Secretary
  • Casey Moorehead – Frenship Middle School Life Skills Assistant
  • Joleen Menix – Heritage Middle School Workroom Aide
  • MaKieley Bigelow – Terra Vista Middle School Special Education Inclusion
  • Sherelle Brown – Ninth Grade Center FOCUS Assistant
  • Judy Clark – Frenship High School ISS Assistant
  • Dana Hopkins – Reese Education Center Behavior Coach

Campus Rookie Teachers of the Year

  • Alison DeWitt – Crestview Elementary 1st Grade Teacher
  • Derek Hargrove – Legacy Elementary Life Skills Teacher
  • Brittney Goodin – North Ridge Elementary 1st Grade Teacher
  • Tiffany Van Buren – Oak Ridge Elementary 1st Grade Teacher
  • Audrey Caporale – Upland Heights Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
  • Daniela Chavez – Westwind Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Shelby Simpson – Willow Bend Elementary 1st Grade Teacher
  • Karissa Slayton – Alcove Trails Middle School Science Teacher and Coach
  • Caitlin Marchand – Frenship Middle School Reading Language Arts
  • Za’Leigh Pittam – Heritage Middle School 7th Grade Math Teacher
  • Stormy Ward – Terra Vista Middle School Special Education Resource Teacher
  • Bridget Mann – Ninth Grade Center Math Teacher
  • Mallory Hayes – Frenship High School English Teacher and JV Cheer Coach

Campus Teachers of the Year

  • Sarah Baker – Bennett Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Melissa Barker – Crestview Elementary Special Education Teacher
  • Leah Rodriguez – Legacy Elementary Life Skills Teacher
  • Rebecca Jack – North Ridge Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kacy Segrist – Oak Ridge Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Heather Dowell – Upland Heights Elementary 1st Grade Teacher
  • Amanda Marinez – Westwind Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Bianca Machuca – Willow Bend Elementary 1st Grade Dual Language Teacher
  • Sarah Denning – Alcove Trails Reading Language Arts Teacher
  • Coleen Sedberry – Frenship Middle School Reading Language Arts Resource
  • Dustin Thomas – Heritage Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • Dustin is simply outstanding.
  • Keely Trauber – Terra Vista Middle School Science Teacher
  • Flor Valenzuela – Ninth Grade Center Science Teacher
  • Andrew Hernandez – Frenship High School Art Teacher
  • Paul Read – Reese Education Center WINGS/DAEP Science Teacher

Service Pin Awards

20 Years of Service

  • Glen Ashcraft – Ninth Grade Center Social Studies
  • Tiffany Beeles – Upland Heights Elementary 5th Grade Teacher
  • Jana Brown – North Ridge Elementary Pre-K Teacher
  • Michelle Elliott – Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Nancy Griffin –Terra Vista Middle School Workroom Aide
  • Janice Hierro – Willow Bend Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Andrea Hines –Westwind Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Elpidia Levario – Custodian
  • Delia Lopez – Custodian
  • Joleen Menix –Heritage Middle School Workroom Aid
  • Tiffany Rice –North Ridge Elementary 4th Grade Teacher
  • Jacy Roberson –Oak Ridge Elementary Principal
  • Jennifer Smith –Frenship High School Dance Teacher
  • Kayci Smith –Frenship High School Cheer Coach, FOCUS Inclusion Teacher
  • Rebecca Whipkey –Alcove Trails Middle School Principal
  • Roger Whipkey –Frenship High School Girls Head Golf Coach and US History Teacher
  • Rebecca Wyrick –Bennett Elementary 1st Grade Teacher

25-Year Service Pins

  • Scott Carter –Frenship High School Band Director
  • Katherine Kauffman –Legacy Elementary Pre-K Teacher
  • Rayanne Thetford –Frenship High School Athletic Department Secretary

30-Year Service Pins

  • Thomas Messerscmidt –Alcove Trails Middle School Art Teacher
  • Lesley Rundell –Westwind Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher

45-Year Service Pins

  • Lonnie Kuss – Frenship High School Math Teacher

2023-2024 Retirees

  • Sanae Allison –Frenship Middle School Technology Applications, 23 years
  • Tami Allbright –Terra Vista Middle School Reading Language Arts, 26 years
  • Julie Armstrong - Technology Department Service Desk Manager, 32 years
  • Joni Bills –Terra Vista Middle School Reading Language Arts, 28 years
  • Shelly Fanelli – Upland Heights Elementary PE Teacher, 31 years
  • Julie Hancock –Willow Bend Elementary 4th Grade Teacher, 28 years
  • Glenda Heath – Willow Bend Elementary 5th Grade Teacher, 39 years
  • Ma Hernandez – Custodian, 11 years at Frenship
  • Beth McNeill – Oak Ridge Elementary 5th Grade Teacher, 26 years
  • Darla McNeill – North Ridge Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher, 30 years
  • Diane Morris –Frenship High School Advanced Academics Administrative Assistant, 20 years
  • Tracy Pope – Frenship High School Construction Teacher, 15 years
  • Deborah Rice – Heritage Middle School Dyslexia Teacher, 28 years
  • Valerie Rodriguez – Alcove Trails Middle School Social Studies Teacher, 31 years
  • Bill Roger –Frenship High School Baseball and Football Coach, Credit Recovery Teacher, 36 years
  • Leonardo Salazar – Custodian, 18 years at Frenship
  • Jill Scheer-Doerfert – Upland Heights Dyslexia Therapist, 20 years
  • Stefani Shortes – Ninth Grade Center Girls Track Coach and PE Teacher, 31 years
  • Mary Ann Smith – Frenship High School Campus Secretary and Library Assistant, 22 years
  • Verna Smith –Ninth Grade Center Special Education Reading Language Arts, 25 years
  • Deanna Tapley –Frenship High School Math Teacher, 31 years
  • Rayanne Thetford –Frenship High School Athletic Department Secretary, 25 years
  • Linda Whistler –Frenship High School Registrar, 32 years
  • Samantha Wright –Bennett Elementary Dyslexia Therapist, 35 years