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Upland Heights Elementary School

Frenship ISD Hosts First CTE Signing Day

The Frenship ISD Career and Technical Education program, or CTE, prepares successful college and career-bound students for high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand jobs by cultivating personal passion and active learning. With more than 90 CTE courses, students are able to explore career options and develop occupational skills through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory work, and on-the-job training.

Ira Florez, Frenship ISD CTE Coordinator, says many of these students have already earned industry-based certifications at no cost to the student, putting them a step ahead and making them more marketable in the workforce. She also says there are numerous industry and community partners who have helped provide job training, demonstrations, financial donations, and mentorships to ensure these students are learning firsthand what the different industries are looking for in future employees.

“We’ve never had a CTE Signing Day, so just having the opportunity to recognize these kids was a big accomplishment. As a district, it was important to us to highlight and celebrate their success with their parents, our industry partners here, and the different colleges,” she said. “Just being able to bring the community together with all the different people who have supported the kids throughout their educational journey, that was a big deal for us and the kids. They’re going to do big things.”

Tyler Racca, a Frenship High School senior who followed the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources CTE Pathway, was one of many who signed on Wednesday. Through his high school career, Racca has been heavily involved in FFA programs such as the Career and Development competitions. Just recently, the Frenship High School Meat Judging Team placed 8th in state, with Racca placing first as an individual, landing him the title of State Champion for Meat Judging.

“I discovered my passion for judging, especially within the meat judging aspect. I’ve seen personal growth and development through it, and I’ve decided that’s my passion, that’s what I truly want to pursue in college and even after college,” said Racca.

That hard work paid off, and Racca has now signed to be a member of the Nationally recognized and award-winning Texas Tech University Meat Judging Team.

“Knowing how amazing the Texas Tech organization is and how many National Championships they’ve won, and the great coaches they’ve had over the years, especially with Dr. Miller, I’m really excited to attend Texas Tech for many different reasons,” said Racca.

Racca says he is grateful to have a district that supports all students and their accomplishments.  “I want to thank Frenship for having this first CTE signing. I really do think it's great for the students and all the organizations,” he said.

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