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Upland Heights Elementary School

Online books (some are temporary during Covid-19)

Books to LISTEN to...
Storyline Online - stories read aloud by famous people
We Are Teachers - Children's author's reading books - Children's author's reading books
Storytime from Space - Stories read from astronauts in space
myOn (students should know their login) (audio is available if set by the teacher)
JustBooksReadAloud - stories read aloud
Books to READ...
UHLibrary ebooks - ebooks from UH library software- (login:uh pw:tigers)
PebbleGo (K-3) - login: engaged  password: learning
PebbleGo Next (3-5)- login: engaged  password: learning
Capstone Interactive Books - login: continue  password: reading
myOn (students should know their login)
Mackin (ask your teacher for the username and login)